Small Groups

Our Small Groups offer a great way to make and deepen relationships with other students, and to grow in, or simply explore, your faith.  They are designed to be discussion-based groups focused on various topics/Scriptures, but are a great place to bring whatever questions you may have.  Below you will see the handful of opportunities that we offer, and we hope you will take advantage of them!  

1. Girls Bible Study - Parables, led by Olivia Shields (336-214-5120).  Wednesdays, 8am in the SUB, in front of Common Grounds.  

2. Co-ed Community Group - Thursdays at 8pm, led by Hannah (817-9468449), meets at 1920 S 8th St. Apt. B

3. Co-ed Community Group - Sundays at 4pm, led by John Henry Turner (971-409-6804), meets at 1815 S 8th St.